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Your car is one of your treasured possessions that need to be treated with love and care. Drive into Soft Touch Car Wash Systems of Centerville, OH for a quick and thorough cleaning of your car. Let us make your car spick and span at affordable rates.

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    Our car wash pricing and details 

  Guaranteed Wash
  12408677 Car full interior and exterior service $17.89  
  12408677 Mini vans / SUV $19.89  
  12408677 Large vans, suburban, ful-size trucks $21.40  
  12408677 Limousines starting at $25.00  
  12408677 Exterior wash only deduct $2.00  
   Budget Special    
  12408677 Wash and wax $22.89
  Wheel Bright
  12408677 Restores that original sparkling appearance $2.44
  12408677Complete Armorall treatment $11.88
  12408677 Tires only $3.60
  12408677 Dash $3.60
  12408677 Trim $3.60
Underbody Rust Inhibitor  
  12408677 High-presssure flush withrust inhibibitor rinse $2.44
  Magic Mist Deodorizer  
  12408677 A variety of "spring fresh" fragrances to choose from $2.09
  12408677 Rubber floor mats hand-washed and towel-dried $5.00
  12408677 Steam-cleaned carpet mats $5.00 each
  12408677 Trunk Vacummed $2.79
   (All floor mats are removed, vaccumed, and
 dusted at no additional charge)
   *Prices may vary due to size and condition of the vehicle  



Take advantage of our Finishing Touch Special at $22.60 only!

Our Soft Touch Special at $25.65 includes a wash, waxing, and wheel polishing.

Check out our Treat Yourself Special, available at only $36.70!